data centers


Turnkey solutions for data management and storage for businesses and cities.

GREENERGYTEC is the leader in Smart Energy use in Data Centers in Canada. Using (implementing) a patented All-In-One solution:

  • We provide green, robust, scalable and movable energy efficient data centers to businesses and clients
  • We offer an alternative to businesses to reduce their energy consumption and their carbon footprint
  • We democratize super computing for  AI traders and crypto miners

GREENERGYTEC will build and deploy energy efficient on-premise data center in 3 months.

Our business model supply various software services like office suites and applications to businesses for their operations.

Businesses shift from a Capital Expenses (CapEx) model to an Operational Expenses (OpEx) model.

Smart use of energy within the data center enables businesses to process more data and still achieve CO2 reduction.



Solar energy


GREENERGYTEC works closely with design, engineering, integration and installation firms in order to deliver you a turnkey  system at your location.


Solar energy is the renewable energy by excellence, green, and available in permanence. Photovoltaic systems allow to convert sunlight into electricity by using solar cells by the photovoltaic effect.

GREENERGYTEC will build and deploy photovoltaic solar panel manufacturing plants operational in three (3) months. The GREENERGYTEC solar energy system comes with super capacity batteries that allow for storage of the unused electricity generated during the day for a later time. The surplus of electricity generated can also be redirected into the electric grid.

  • Manual production line with a capacity of 5MW per year
  • Semi automatic or fully automatic production lines with a capacity of 75-150 MW per year.


GREENERGYTEC Solar Energy Panels provides:

  • Decentralized electricity system that is clean and modern
  • A minimal maintenance system and with a lifetime of 20+ years
  • Access to a reliable and efficient source of energy
  • Reduction in use and dependence to fossil fuels
  • Reduction of pollution from generators



smart cities


GREENERGYTEC helps cities and towns build digital infrastructure with the aim of making public services more efficient and user-friendly.

The technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution — artificial intelligence, big data, ubiquitous sensors, and cameras — are already radically changing the way people interact with each other and their surroundings.

A phone and the apps on it are an example of personal “smart” environment, enabled by the collection and sharing of all sorts of data. It’s an environment that’s built and managed by private companies — the phone manufacturer, the app developers, the phone service provider, and so on.

At some point, this environment intersects with traditional public services — things like traffic control, public transport, utilities, and public safety. Cities are now able to collect large amounts of data on these things and use that data to operate more efficiently.

Smart cities are at the front-line of resource efficiency. Going digital opens new avenues for the effective and efficient operation of society, by optimizing areas like transport, municipal administration, medical care, education, energy, water, garbage collection and crime prevention.


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